To serve as the champion of public-private partnerships as a model for infrastructure development in Sierra Leone.



• To initiate, mostly in collaboration with the relevant MDA or local council, the PPP process by undertaking project identification and assessment studies, develop concept notes and conduct feasibility studies, and thereafter manage the procurement process for the selection of a private partner and the implementation and monitoring of the project.

• To ensure efficient delivery of any PPP agreement entered into by the Government.

• To ensure compliance with the provisions of the PPP Act 2014.

• To perform such other duties as may be directed by the President, from time to time, and as are necessary or expedient to ensure the effective performance of the functions of the Unit as specified in the PPP Act.


• Leverage public assets and funds with private sector resources from local and international markets to accelerate needed investments in infrastructure and services;

• Encourage and facilitate investment by the private sector by creating an enabling environment for PPPs where value for money for Government can be clearly demonstrated;

• Increase the availability of public infrastructure and services and improve service quality and efficiency of projects;

• Ensure attainment of required and acceptable local and international social and environmental standards;

• Set up efficient and transparent institutional arrangements for the identification, structuring and competitive tendering of PPP projects;

• Protect the interests of all stakeholders including end users, affected people, Government and the private sector.