Investor’s Corner


Regardless of nationality, anyone is encouraged to invest in Sierra Leone. With the liberalization of the foreign investment law, 100% foreign equity may be allowed in all areas of investment except those reserved for Sierra Leoneans by mandate of Sierra Leone Constitution and existing laws.


The economy of Sierra Leone is primarily composed of other industries such as tourism, agriculture, energy, mining, transport, among others.


The country boasts a labor force that is trainable, skilled, technology savvy, English proficient, and highly competitive.


Use of mobile phones and internet is widespread in the country. Cell sites are available all over the country.

Creating a Company in Sierra Leone

An investor may choose from several types of business enterprises to establish operations in Sierra Leone such as:

Organized under Sierra Leone laws:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  •  Corporation

Organized under foreign laws:

  • Branch office
  • Representative Office
  • Regional headquarters/regional operating headquarters


The PPP projects are entitled to fiscal incentives under the Investments Priorities Plan (IPP). Other preferred activities in the IPP list includes: agriculture/agribusiness and fishery; creative industries/knowledge-based services; mass housing; energy; infrastructure; research and development; green projects; tourism; strategic projects; and disaster prevention, mitigation, and recovery projects.